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Single, Double, High Performance and Bituminous Chip Seals

BENEFITS OF DOUBLE CHIP SEAL Doubles the protection from oxidation and deterioration from moisture Can be successfully used on moderate to severely deteriorated and cracked roads Extremely durable and flexible surface which reduces and significantly delays …

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With a solid base, a well constructed Seal Coat increases the life cycle of the road, enabling the asset owner to further benefit from a low cost alternative to other wearing surfaces. To significantly reduce maintenance costs of a roadway, double seals can provide public and private sectors with an effective product capable of lasting more than 10 years.

Asphalt Seal-Coat Treatments

Asphalt seal-coat treatments are mainly a preventive maintenance procedure applied to the asphalt pavement surface to prevent or delay costly corrective measures (figure 2). Asphalt seal coats are surface treatments designed to seal and protect the asphalt pavement from harmful environmental conditions such as sunlight, rain, and snow.

Bituminous Surface Treatments – Pavement Interactive

On high volume roads, a double chip seal may be the better option. This is when a BST is placed atop another one. The aggregate on the bottom layer should be about twice as large as the one on the top. The smaller stones on top will be less likely to cause windshield damage and the surface is typically smoother than a single seal coat.

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Single chip Double chip Fog seal. 2/25/2016 16 A chip seal won’t fix drainage problems. 2/25/2016 17 ... Used for seal coats, (Chip Seals, Armor Coats)

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A double/double seal is applied by spraying a layer of binder, spreading the large-sized aggregate and, after suitable rolling and sweeping, spraying another lower application of binder followed by the spreading of a layer of smaller aggregate.

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PM, applying a chip seal is not recommended because the temperature will fall after sunset. 8. Q) How does ADT affect seal coat design and is there a maximum ADT on a roadway to be considered for seal coating? A) ADT affects chip seal design in the following way: as the ADT goes up, the chip seal needs less asphalt binder.

CHAPTER Chipseal Failures TWELVE and Repairs

• Sealing over poorly constructed pre-reseal repairs. • Cold binder. • Fretting of the upper chip layer of a two coat seal. • Dirty chip (Figure 12-4). • Binder oxidation. • Stop-start traffic, particularly on up or downhill sections of roads, e.g. rubbish trucks on urban streets. • Heavy braking and acceleration.

How to Chip Seal a Gravel Road | Career Trend

Chip sealing is a process of covering a gravel road with a layer of liquid asphalt and then a layer of small rocks embedded in the asphalt. The purpose of this maintenance procedure is to extend the useful life of the road by providing a wearing course. For low-volume gravel roads that do not warrant paving, chip sealing is a cost-effective procedure that prevents water from penetrating the road surface, improves …

Materials Division Surface Treatment Certification Study …

Type B Blotted Seal (Modified Single Seal) For a Type B blotted seal, an asphalt emulsion is placed at approximately 0.17gal/yd², followed by an application of 15 to 20 lb/yd² of #8’s. After rolling, 0.15 gal/yd² of emulsion is placed, and then 9 to 11 lb/yd² of #9’s or “clean” sand is applied and rolled.

Chip Seal vs Asphalt - What is Chip Seal?

In a chip seal road, a thin layer of asphalt is laid down before layers of crushed stone and aggregate are compacted on top of the asphalt. Chip seal is also known as macadam, named for a Scottish pioneer for paved roads. The engineer John McAdam invented the revolutionary crushed stone layer roads with binders in the early 1800s.


of embedded aggregate or “chips”. Seal coats are used as a preventative maintenance treatment to prolong the life of a pavement, correct surface raveling, prevent oxidation, provide skid resistance to worn pavements and seal the existing bitu minous surface against the intrusion of air and water. The average life of a seal coat is about 7 years.

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Chip seals can also be applied as double and triple layers, which are accomplished by applying additional layers of asphaltic material and aggregate. After applying each layer of aggregate, the surface is compacted using a roller to embed aggregates in the binder. It should be noted that based on the literature review, a chip seal is not an appropriate method when the pavement

Best Practices Handbook on Asphalt Pavement …

filling, full depth crack repair, fog seal, seal coat, double chip seal, slurry seal, microsurfacing, thin hot mix overlays, and potholes and pavement patching. 'I'ables are outlined giving the most common flexible pavement distresses, along with the best practices for rehabilitation for

2021 Cost of a Tar and Chip Driveway | Chip Seal Per ...

Double Chip Seal: Cost: $3 per square yard ; Application: Apply two layers of single chip seal one right after the other. Usage: On roads with moderate to severe damage or deterioration. Surface Texture: Improves skid resistance and traction. Benefits: Protects twice as much from moisture and oxidation. Reduces damage from snow plows.

422 Chip Seal With Polymer Binder - Pages

Description (422.01) Chip seal consists of the application of polymer modified asphalt emulsion covered by an aggregate course. It is applied as a single or double chip seal for use as a surface course on all types of pavements and on paved berms. Chip seal can also be used as an intermediate course for a hot mix asphalt surface course.


cation of cover stone. Subsequently, a double chip seal consists of two alternate uni-form applications of asphalt emulsion and cover aggregate, a triple chip seal consists of three alternate uniform applications of these materials, etc. Chip seals are quite often re ferred to as seal coats …

Applications for asphalt emulsions | Asphalt magazine

A double chip seal repeats the procedure using lower emulsion and aggregate application rates. The chips in the second application of aggregate are smaller than those used in the first application. After spreading the aggregate, the chip seal or double chip seal is rolled to seat the aggregate, and broomed to remove any loose chips.

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double sealcoat option Suited for roads which exhibit moderate to severe deterioration. Services include a two-layer chip seal combining options A and B. “Very professional job done on our road...sides were built up in trouble areas, lead into driveways were very smooth, straight edges, and nice smooth cover of …

Improving chip seal performance | Asphalt magazine

Chip seals are used in a variety of applications, including single chip seals, double chip seals, cape seals, and stress absorbing membrane interlayers (SAMI). Chip seal basics. Different types of binders can be used in a chip seal. The binder may be cold or hot applied.

Difference between Chip Seal & Asphalt

Chip Seal Vs. Asphalt. There are lots of options to choose from when considering which type of paved surface is right for your project. Two of the most traditional types, chip seal and asphalt offer similar, smooth surfaces, with a variety of different finish options.

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First Application

How High Float Asphalt Emulsions Perform During Pavement ...

Jun 01, 2016 · Double-chip seal treatment consists of spraying a pavement surface with asphalt emulsion, covering this with a layer of stone, and repeating the process but using the same emulsion at …


Aggregates for Chip and Seal Pavement

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Aggregates for Chip and Seal Pavement Andrew Gauck Harrison Sand and Gravel Co. ... The best seal coat gradations are those that are essentially one-size. An aggregate is considered one-size if nearly all of the material is retained on two consecutive sieves. This results in most of the stone pieces being in a narrow range of sizes as shown in ...

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Cal Trans 37-2 Slurry Seal. Greenbook Slurry Seal. Nevada/Regional Spec Slurry Seal. ISSA Spec Slurry Seal. Custom/Local Spec Slurry Seal. Latex-Modified Slurry Seal. Black Aggregate Slurry Seal. Seal Coat. Single and Double Seal Coat.

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CITY OF FOREST LAKE FOREST LAKE, MN 2021 RECLAMATION AND DOUBLE CHIP SEAL PROJECT ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS RECEIPT AND OPENING OF PROPOSALS: Sealed proposals for the work described below will be received online through QuestCDN until 10:00 AM on March 30, 2021 at which time the bids will be opened and publicly read online via the Microsoft Teams Link below.

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Estimating Voids in a Double Chip Seal

The texture in a double chip seal coat surface is significantly influenced by the aggregate size of the top stone layer. Tex­ ture generates resistance to sliding by the hysteresis effects in the tread rubber and facilitates the expulsion of water from the tire-pavement interface. Hysteresis reflects the energy loss


Double seal coat shall consist of an application of asphaltic emulsion followed with an application of screenings, and another application of asphaltic emulsion followed with another application of screenings. 37-1.02 MATERIALS • Asphaltic emulsion shall conform to the provisions in Section 94, "Asphaltic


Enriches and coats weathered aggregate particles at the surface; Delineates shoulders from traffic lanes; Chip Seal. A chip seal, commonly referred to as a seal coat, is primarily made up of one size of aggregate that can be either washed or dusty. The aggregates can range in size from 19 mm to 4.75 mm. Dense Graded Sealcoat


Aggregates for Chip and Seal Pavement

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Aggregates for Chip and Seal Pavement Andrew Gauck Harrison Sand and Gravel Co. ... The best seal coat gradations are those that are essentially one-size. An aggregate is considered one-size if nearly all of the material is retained on two consecutive sieves. This results in most of the stone pieces being in a narrow range of sizes as shown in ...

Bituminous Surface Treatments – Pavement Interactive

Bituminous surface treatments (BST) refer to a range of techniques that can be used to create a stand-alone drivable surface on a low volume road, or rehabilitate an existing pavement. Usually, the term is used to describe a seal coat or chip seal, which is constructed by spraying a layer of emulsified asphalt, and placing a layer of aggregate on top.

Chip Seal Treatment Types

A chip seal gets its name from the “chips” or small crushed rock placed on the surface. Asphalt emulsions used in chip seal applications contain globules of paving asphalt, water, an “emulsifying agent” or surfactant, polymer, and sometimes a “rejuvenator.”. Soap is a common form of a surfactant. In washing clothes or dishes, the ...

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Jul 01, 2017 · chip used for the seal coat will establish the depth of the mat. This seal may be the best suited for roads with high traffic volumes. A chip seal is laid in the conventional manner. After the chip seal has cured, the loose cover stone is removed. Then the slurry is

CHAPTER Introduction to THREE Chipsealing Technology

3.10.1 Fog Coat, Rejuvenating Seal or Enrichment Seal _____73 3.10.2 Geotextile Seal ... aggregate or ‘sealing chip’ embedded in a 1 to 2 mm-thick film of bituminous (or synthetic) binder, to provide a thin waterproofing layer as

The Updated TxDOT Seal Coat and Surface Treatment …

Seal Coat, Surface Treatment, Chip Seal, Preventive Maintenance, Asphalt, Inspection, Design, Construction 18. Distribution Statement No restrictions. This document is available to the public through NTIS: National Technical Information Service 5285 Port Royal Road Springfield, Virginia 22161, 19. Security Classif.(of this report)

Guidelines for TxDOT in Selecting Seal Coat Materials

Figure 2. Grades 3, 4, and 5 Seal Coat Tire Pavement Noise Sound Intensity Measurements Collected by TxDOT Research Project 0-6496 Test Sites. Other Considerations High Traffic Volume Considerations Seal coats are used in Texas routinely and effectively on both low and high-traffic volume roadways.

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Tar-and-Chip Driveway Installation . Building a tar-and-chip driveway is a pretty simple process. First, as with most driveway materials, a gravel base is installed. Then, hot liquid asphalt is poured over the gravel. This is followed by a coating of loose stones, which are …

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Cal Trans 37-2 Slurry Seal. Greenbook Slurry Seal. Nevada/Regional Spec Slurry Seal. ISSA Spec Slurry Seal. Custom/Local Spec Slurry Seal. Latex-Modified Slurry Seal. Black Aggregate Slurry Seal. Seal Coat. Single and Double Seal Coat.

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Maritime Road Recycling offer chip seal, pulverizing, milling, seal coat, fog seal, tack coat, cold in-place recycling, full depth reclamation and shouldering services. Our green processes are the most economical procedures when it comes to road repairs and road stabilization. We turn damaged and weakened asphalt into a renewable resource.

Seal Coat and Surface Treatment Manual: Binder and ...

Chapter 4: Binder and Aggregate Application Rates Anchor: #i1002234 Section 1: Modified Kearby Design Method Anchor: #i1002239 General. The design method described in this section is based on a modification of the original Kearby method and was first recommended to TxDOT by Texas Transportation Institute in 1981 (Epps et al., 1981).

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Fibre Reinforced Seal Coat with Double Chip Sealing The M.D. of Provost No. 52 is currently accepting proposals for the purpose of selecting a qualified proponent to undertake the application of a fibre reinforced seal coat with double chip seal process to gravel and soil-cement stabilized road(s) during the 2021 construction season.


4-403.05 computation for fog seal 4-404.00 computations for double bituminous surface treatment 4-405.00 computations for bituminous seal coat (chip seal) 4-405.01 use of bituminous seal coat (chip seal) along edge of paved shoulder while making lane shifts during construction 4-406.00 computations for bituminous seal coat (split application)

Seal to an existing roadway surface. double ...

DOUBLE CHIP SEAL SPECIFICATION ... Cover Coat Material: The chip or cover coat aggregate shall be washed, hard, durable, clean rock and free from coatings or deleterious material. All of the aggregate shall be crushed gray granite with 100% fractured faces. The aggregate shall have maximum loss of 20% when tested with the LA

Fog Seal Treatment Types


Garden Guides | Asphalt Paving Vs. Chip Sealing

Sep 21, 2017 · Chip Sealing. Chip sealing involves a layered process where you complete all aspects out on the roadway. The process consists of applying a coat of oil to the existing pavement and using a chip spreader machine to cover the oil with small washed rock. You use a pneumatic roller to adhere the rock to the oil on the roadway.

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Chip seal or seal coat projects treat the pavement surface with liquid asphalt material covered by crushed stone to provide a new roadway surface and prevent future deterioration. It can be performed using in-house crews and equipment and is INDOT’s most common technique of pavement preservation.

CHIP & SEAL TECHNIQUES - Purdue University

seals are also described. These include modified binders, single, double and triple chip seals, precoated aggregates, sand seal, sandwich seal, and cape seal. A chip seal is a sprayed application of asphalt binder immediately covered by a layer of one-sized aggregate. The chip seal …

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depth crack repair, fog seal, seal coat, double chip seal, slurry seal, microsurfacing, thin hot mix overlays, and potholes and pavement patching. Tables are outlined giving the most common flexible pavement distresses, along with the best practices for rehabilitation for each. Also given are recommended applications for crack sealers and ...

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Seal coats also can add skid resistance to worn pavement. Pavement surface integrity can be restored giving new life to a dried-out, raveling surface. The seal coats are typically applied to roadways under 1,500 average daily traffi c (ADT). Roadways with ADT between 1,500 and 12,000

Pavement Manual: Surface Treatments

A surface treatment will generally seal off the vertical escape of moisture migrating upward out of a pavement, which can set up accelerated stripping in the existing HMA layer beneath the seal. For more information on surface treatments and seal coats, refer to the Seal Coat and Surface Treatment Manual. Anchor: #i1009031.


1.3 A double seal coat application will involve a thorough sweeping of the pavement after the first ... 4.3.1 The application rate of polymer modified emulsified asphalt for the chip seal shall be within the limits in Section 2.2. A minimum of 200 gallons (750 Liters) of polymer modified emulsified ...


seal, tough wearing surface. CRS-2, RS- 2, HFRS-2 Spray-applied in three lifts. Cape Seal Combines a single chip seal with a slurry seal. Provides the rough, knob-by surface of a chip seal to reduce hy-droplaning yet has a tough sand matrix for durability. Test track data in-dicate better studded tire damage re-sistance than a chip seal. Friction

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Chip seals are ideally placed when the pavement surface temperature is 70 o F or more.This temperature range must be maintained for the following 3-5 days for proper setting and curing. Humidity also affects the curing process. A good policy is to seal in the summer months, June, July and August.

Chapter 4 Construction Details - Caltrans

Seal Coats Page 4-37.i Chapter 4 Construction Details Section 37 Seal Coats 4-3701 General ... placed in two layers are referred to as double chip seals. Chip seals that use a hot asphalt binder (for example, asphalt rubber binder chip ... setting asphaltic emulsion applied over the existing pavement or a chip seal. Flush coat is the ...

Research - Use of a Double Chip Seal to Correct a Flushing ...

The double chip seal was effective for approximately two years before flushing began to appear through the seal. After five years the flushing extended throughout the project in the wheel paths of both lanes. The origin of the flushing in the double seal was judged to be from the underlying HMA and not the double seal.


In the design of double chip seals, perhaps the most important factor to be computed is the amount of bituminous material required to fill the voids between the aggregate to an optimum depth. A design method developed by the National Institute for Transport and Road Research was evaluated by Texas Transportation Institute (TTI).

Base stabilization and chip seal tame loose gravel road ...

In 2010 the township looked at three options to solve these issues. The first option was to complete a base and bituminous project with 5 in. of MN Spec. CL-5 base and a 2 in. bituminous surface at an estimated cost of $299,000. The second option was to complete an Otta seal/chip-seal project at …